Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 hour walk from Yokohama Station to Ishikawa Station

Yesterday was an incredibly productive day. Clint and I decided to walk from Yokohama to Ishikawa Station, taking us over 5 hours in total (non stop walking)!!! I also got my new cell phone which was really exciting :)  these are some of the pictures that I took on the walk!
Landmark tower : tallest building in Japan
New cellphone!! thank goodness for prepay :)

Beautiful traditional wedding kimono


No... Just a contemporary art like gate to a shopping mall

Clint loves his Chinatown hat

Yesterday's report was on the radiation scare that is still hovering over Japan. I feel that many are unsure and and doubt the government's legitimacy regarding the radiation levels. They have just released new photos of the meltdown that occurred a mere 4 hours after the quake. So what's taken them so long to announce this? How have they only JUST announced that there was a meltdown in the first place? However, that being said, the radiation readings in Tokyo are apparently at normal and some places like New York read even higher than Tokyo (see link for details) http://www.jnto.go.jp/eq/eng/04_recovery.htm#city


During my 5 hour walk I only saw a handful of foreigners! It was so strange to see the tourist areas deserted by foreigners.

I met a shop owner Shofuku Ueda (Sho) who is also a volunteer organizer for this group (see below) his group is hosting a FREE volunteer seminar on JUNE 19th!!! CHECK IT OUT! for more information please contact: Shofuku Ueda at 080-1268-2812 or email him at kaminarishock@gmail.com
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He was a really nice guy who agreed to talk to us about his experience volunteering in Tohoku a month after the earthquake and how he feels about the radiation in Tokyo. This is the interview:

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