Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Limelight rehearsing for There's No Place Like Oz

What a whirlwind today's dress rehearsal was!
Things got a bit worked up at times (as dress rehearsals are suppose to get) but all in all, I think everyone worked very hard and pulled it together! The performers were so thrilled to finally rehearse in the space with their costumes and tech. I was amazed to see the quality of these costumes, hair and makeup! It was incredible! It's hard to believe that this will be the first time some of the younger ones will be performing in a production as large as this one... and what an experience to be performing in front of a SOLD OUT HOUSE for both performances! I've heard so many people, including myself, say "man, I wish I had this kind of opportunity growing up!" And it's true. I mean, the "productions" I was in when I was young consisted of a shower curtain in the backyard with very supportive parents as an audience while my best friend and I performed improved make believe - which I must say, was very inspiring. But to have an opportunity like this at such a young age is so incredible!! Sure, some people may brush this off as a "kids show" but imagine years down the road a young up-and-coming theatre artist looks back and remembers this show as their starting point. In fact, one boy who saw last year's production of "Wonderland" was so inspired by the performance that he asked his dad if he could join Project Limelight. A year later he is one of the main characters of the show! See, it's already starting to happen!

This is why the community needs more programs like this one. Especially for children in the East Van neighborhood where chances like this are rare. Not only does it provide opportunities for young performers but it's a way of getting the parents, schools, and community involved.This is why I'm so passionate about this project and community engagement projects in general!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Welcome back to the revival of The Paper Crane Project!
I have decided to reopen this blog once again after a one year hiatus. Now, before I tell you about this revival I will update you on my past year. Since my volunteer expedition to Japan in the summer of 2011 I have been heavily involved in several theatre productions at SFU including: Escapement, ReCall, Women of Troy, and The Sandalwood Box. I have learned so much about art and life through interdisciplinary collaboration with many up-and-coming local artists. 2012 was a year of expansive creative explorations as well as fruitful self discoveries. So why reopen my blog now? After a year of intense theatre training, I felt it was finally time for me to start fusing my humanitarian efforts and artistic passion together!

This year, I am helping Project Limelight, a local theatre company for youth in the Strathcona neighborhood. The 18 performers between the ages of 8-12 have been working extremely hard for this year's production of "There's No Place Like Oz". I am so grateful to be working with such dedicated people in the local community who are all pitching in to make this show a success.

 The show will be on February 24th at 2pm and 6pm at the Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema at SFU Woodward's (149 West Hastings St).

Please see the links below for ticket info.

There's No Place Like Oz - Tickets

In addition, I'd like to thank Emily Ross from SFU Vancouver who has written a blog post about my work in community engagement!

SFU Vancouver Blog - Feb 2013

Stay tuned for more community engagement initiatives in the near future!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday at Granville and Georgia

If you were in the downtown area you may have seen the students from Sendai Japan doing a fundraiser event for the earthquake and tsunami relief. Yesterday was the last day of street fundraisers in cooperation with BC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, Japan Love, and the students from Tohoku Universtiy. What a great turn out we had! There were roughly 40-50 people who helped out with the fundraiser including a chorus group, people handing out fliers, and many people calling out to ask for support! The corner of Granville and Georgia was full of supporters for Japan!

Its been almost six months since the disaster happened and it was apparent during the fundraiser event that the general public had moved on... but despite that, there was a number of people who stopped by to donate or took a flier. One woman stopped by for 10 minutes and talked about her experiences in Japan and how she remembers the beautiful country. So even if it was for a brief moment the fundraiser was a great reminder to people to keep the conversation alive so that we don't forget about Japan.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Street Fundraiser with students from Sendai

I received this email from the BC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund coordinator.... 
"At this moment, several students from Sendai, 
Japan are staying in Vancouver, 
and they would like to share their earthquake/tsunami 
stories with as well as say thanks for supporting
Tohoku to Vancouverites. They are planning to do street
donations, so it would be great if you could
help do street donations together with them and 
share your stories with them! Please see below
for the detail."
Date: Wednesday August 31 from 6pm to 8pm  
(they will be there from 5pm though)
Location: Granville and Georgia St. 
in Vancouver Downtown, just
outside of the City Centre Station.
So this Wednesday will be a great opportunity to come show your continued support! 
It is a chance to meet the students from Sendai, a city that was heavily damaged by the 
March 11th disaster. I am so excited to participate because I was in Sendai this summer 
where I met with the Teachers For Japan group. 

If you're reading this now, please take a second to remember that although 
the newspapers and T.V. coverages have moved on, there are many 
towns and cities and people's lives that are still on the road to recovery.

It's so easy to forget when we live in such a fortunate place like Vancouver
so Wednesday will be a great day to take a brief moment
to remember the people in Japan! 

so please come down and show your support!! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Donation to TFJ!

Elementary school kids from Kesennuma, Miyagi.
Thanks to everyone who came out to BLVD22 to support the fundraiser event for Teachers For Japan!! It was a little last minute but we managed to get $150 in ticket sales/donations from one night! All $150 has already been donated via paypal on their website: Teachers For Japan ! The donations will be used to buy school supplies for the children of Miyagi Prefecture who are still suffering from the devastation of the March 11th tsunami. Many kids are currently living in government housing units built on school fields and have lost everything. But thanks to Teachers For Japan, some kids were given school supplies, backpacks, and school uniforms and are currently attending school once again!

Your support is very important so please take a look at their website if you haven't already!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fundraiser for Teachers For Japan this Saturday at BLVD 22

This Saturday is ...

Le Prive Saturdays @ BLVD22: Customer Appreciation Night!

I, along with my friends will be selling tickets for this event on Saturday August 13 at BLVD 22 to raise money for Teachers For Japan! How...? With the help of the event promoters we have permission to donate 100% of our personal ticket sales to Teachers For Japan!! 

So all you have to do is come out and enjoy the night!

For  $10 per ticket you get to have an amazing time AND support the kids of Miyagi, Japan. 

It's a win win for all of us! 


for more information on Teachers for Japan please click

and visit their blog at

PLEASE NOTE: *the money from your ticket will only go to the fundraiser if the ticket is bought directly from me*

On the event night...

We are giving away over $1000 in prizes which includes:
- Tattoo Session @​/
- Three Gift Cards for a Haircut / Pedicure / Manicure @
- Two $75 Gift Cards @ http://www.delicatecarespa​.ca/
- Two 10 complimentary drink packages
- Makeup + Hair Styling session with Ramneek Dhillion
- 2 of the hottest new video games for PS3 and 360 
For ticket info please email me at

Thanks for all the continued support!
Hope to see you all there!


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