Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yesterday at Granville and Georgia

If you were in the downtown area you may have seen the students from Sendai Japan doing a fundraiser event for the earthquake and tsunami relief. Yesterday was the last day of street fundraisers in cooperation with BC Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, Japan Love, and the students from Tohoku Universtiy. What a great turn out we had! There were roughly 40-50 people who helped out with the fundraiser including a chorus group, people handing out fliers, and many people calling out to ask for support! The corner of Granville and Georgia was full of supporters for Japan!

Its been almost six months since the disaster happened and it was apparent during the fundraiser event that the general public had moved on... but despite that, there was a number of people who stopped by to donate or took a flier. One woman stopped by for 10 minutes and talked about her experiences in Japan and how she remembers the beautiful country. So even if it was for a brief moment the fundraiser was a great reminder to people to keep the conversation alive so that we don't forget about Japan.