Tuesday, July 26, 2011

YF3 x Asobiba Volunteer Week 4 (continued)

                                       DAY 3
Our living space. We don't have a shower or bathroom attached so we have to walk down an outhouse

We also run out of water from time to time....

This is the main road. Many of the kids who come to play were living in this area

There are only a few buildings that are still livable here.

This is due to the 9.0 magnitude earthquake

"Oya Elementary School"

the schools playground has been turned into temporary shelters and the kids have lots their space to play.

our resident bunnies

They really like to escape

"please ask the play leaders when using the equipment inside"

One of the land owners has a farm. He is currently struggling to sell his livestock because the government has not decided to cull the cows from this area or not.  They have just recently found radiation in beef that came from Fukushima area and now the market has come to a complete halt. He told me that his livestock are now costing him so much money that life is becoming very difficult for him.

Tomo-san, one of our play leaders making lunch for us

ooh whats this?


Ta da!
The voluteers and play leaders always eat lunch here!

*The photos below are of from day 2*
We had brilliant weather on day 2 so the kids were having a lot of fun running around in the sun!

trying to catch something?

Soaking wet after "water wars"
5 against 1 is so not fair!

The guys are building a nice fire

The kids come by after getting soaked to dry up

bath time?

The kids have filled up their "bath" to clean off their muddy feet

Who's that?

more fun in the pool!

"beko ame" candy made out of just sugar and water. This boy was so good at making these!

Rock, paper scissors to decide how many scoops of sugar you get to make the beko ame

I was almost undefeated! haha which means they only get 2 scoops instead of 3

badminton time

hand made potato chips!

The big kids are very good at taking care of the little kids

mud war can get intense

                                    DAY 4
our "haunted house"
Its a house around the corner that's been empty for a while..

cute wooden pendant!

Shhh!! She's coming!

Surprise birthday fruit plate!
If we can't make cake, lets just eat fruit!

Surprise!!! Happy 11th birthday Miku!

he's getting chased around with a bamboo stick!

A local farmer gave us cucumbers!

eating it whole with a bit of salt is so delicious!

                                    DAY 5

persevere, Japan!
Warning, flooded roads ahead

(Right) is the same area on March 11th on the (Left) is the area now.

This area is still heavily damaged

(Left) Footage from Channel 4 News just a few days after the tsunami

Some of the home haven't changed since I was last here with NICCO

on the left hand side there is a big tuna boat!! It's great to see some progress in the area.

(This is from NICCO week 2)
this was when the port was completely deserted, and now 3 weeks later there are boat full of tuna and fishermen busy at work!! what a difference!!
Remember this place from week 2?

Random buoy that was washed up on the beach and donated to us. Now it shall turn into a perfect alien mask!

Kids turned it into a monster? creature?

Play leader is learning the guitar!

local farmer gave us HUGE peaches!

                                   DAY 6
the government is finally fixing some of the electrical wires in this area.
flowers that were growing beside the debris
a sign of hope and perseverance

Ushi - kun, another play leader

an ice cream parlor that was build after the original shop was completely destroyed by the tsunami

The city is currently busy making a temporary seawall to prepare for the typhoon season

most of the traffic lights don't work in this area

"Thank you for the clean up job "

Thank you Tomo-san, you were such an amazing mother figure for all of us

Today's lunch, pizza toast?

everything goes on the grill.. haha

 more hand made potato chips

There is a fly outbreak in this area because they haven't cleared the debris yet.
It's becoming a very big heath concern

good bye to Yako. Our play leader.


more pizza bread.

June's home made tomato stew.
Step one, throw in tomatoes, onions, and corn with salt and pepper  with a dash of soy sauce

Step two, cover with cheese

Step three, cover with aluminum foil and throw it in the fire

while you wait, roast and eat some corn on the cob

cook for about 15 min

Tadaaa! finished

roasted potato on a stick

today's snack: cucumber with salt (again)

our dinner

fruit punch for desert

our resident pony

After a week the kids and I really bonded and these two girls were really sad when I was leaving. I was so sad that I was leaving as well... but I know I will go back one day!! Thanks to you guys I remembered how to play like a 10 year old again!

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